The Great American bargain Book Show

GABBS Comes to a Close, SIBA Regroups


Writing the end of GABBS, and the future of The SIBA Discovery Show

Immediately following the The #SIBA16 Discovery Show, GABBS owner Larry May, determined that his 20-year old Bargain Books show was no longer economically viable. This was not an easy decision, coming on the heels as it does of SIBA’s announcement of a 2018 merge with GABBS. A steep decline in exhibitor commitments convinced May that the show was no longer financially feasible, so GABBS will close immediately, and the proposed merger between the GABBS show and the SIBA Discovery Show will not take place. “I’m sorry for the confusion and frustration that we’ve caused SIBA,” said Larry May in a letter to SIBA members announcing the close, “GABBS has courted and been associated with SIBA for many years and has the utmost respect for all involved. It was certainly never my intention to create this predicament and cause distress.” Wanda Jewell said, “All things are opportunities. I am sad for Larry, his family, and booksellers, that GABBS is going away. It has been an active player in supporting bookstores in the south, and across the country. I am sorry to see them go.”

The SIBA in the Springtime event will still be held in Atlanta on Tuesday, March 7, 2016. The theme is “Writing the Future of the The SIBA Discovery Show”. All SIBA members and show stakeholders are invited to Atlanta for the day. The event will begin at 10am and end at 3pm so that anyone within a two hour drive can leave home in the morning and be back in time for dinner. There will be sessions on all aspects of the show including: location, time of year, format, education, exhibits, author events, consumer events, tired ideas, and fresh ideas. “We want to explore the many options in front of us and have everyone who’d like to be heard have that opportunity.” confirmed Jewell.